Thursday, April 10, 2008

The primaries (yawn)

More and more Hillary and Barack are looking like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, making it seem that the choice is between an African-American and a woman rather than between policy positions. This is the ultimate liberal existential dilemma. I can kind of picture the inner conversation: "I'd really like to vote for Barack, to sort of make up for our shameful behavior to his ancestors. Wait, no. His ancestors weren't slaves. His father is an honest-to-goodness African. So, maybe I should vote for Hillary to sort of make up for our shameful behavior to women. On the other hand, Barack really is African-American, I mean literally. Hillary, though, has had her own non-denominational cross to bear (WJC), so perhaps I should vote for her. Barack, though, had to sit through those awful sermons."

Once it all shakes out, though, and the election process begins in earnest, then we will have two genuinely different positions. Won't the fur and mud fly then.

I've discovered the only sensible way to pick a presidential candidate. I've been playing the on-line card game Hearts, with three opponents: Hillary, Barack, and John. So far, Hillary is a tough and tenacious opponent, while Barack delights in giving me the queen of spades at odd intervals. John is kinda quiet and never gets in trouble. When the election gets down to Republican and Democrat, I'll have to factor in Nader. I wonder how he will play?


bekkieann said...

You've got some good snarkiness going there. But seriously, you only hear about the candidates what the media wants you to hear, and they are making it all about race and gender (I hesitate to say sex). You have to dig to find out what their positions are, and how many people are going to do that? Once again we're going to have an election that's about whom you'd most like to have at your barbeque.

qtr03lzv said...

Hi Ronnie,
Tudy told me about your website. Interesting and brings back memories. It's been 43 or so years, so I didn't recognize you in your picture. Me, I haven't changed thoughout these
Viola Smith Hobbs

On both your houses said...

Gotta agree with bekkieann on this one. But digging out is so hard to do, why not just play Hearts instead?