Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Wednesday, so let's read poetry

There's a gentle, lovely blog site that features poetry every Wednesday. It's at Go there and read some good poetry.

Including, maybe, this one


In a dream
I hold you in my arms
Under a tree in a garden

I feel the slide, flex, knot and relax
Of muscles under the smooth skin,
The patient rise and fall of rib cage,
The soft sweet breath on my cheek.

A breeze comes up,
Light as a dandelion sphere,
Moves carefully over your skin,
And eiderdown cleverly
Sublimes it away to nothing.
Muscles, bones, tissue soft and hard
Vanish -- you are gone.

Yet I feel you still,
The gentle pulse in your throat,
The spring of hair on my own.
You are you, complete and fleshed,
The steady heart beating with paced

It is the heart that is the person.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Thanks so for participating again. This is a wonderful poem with many great word images called to mind.

And thanks for the compliment about my site and the poetry hosted there. So glad to include you whenever you want to play.

bekkieann said...

Ron, it's just beautiful. It bears reading several times. Your poetry has such deep feeling. More please!