Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stupidity is forever

The other day, I read a column in my local newspaper by Jack Krugman that I agreed with. At the moment that I realized I agreed with him, I had that "the end of the world is at hand" feeling. I mean, one of the constants of life is that Krugman is never going to say anything that I agree with.
On the other hand, think about it. Krugman is smart. He is wearing a set of blinders (just as I'm wearing a set, but mine point right, his sharply left). When he's dealing with data, he's pretty reliable. I hate to admit that.
Shortly after that, I saw a short video of a comedian who noted that we can change almost any aspect of our persons -- eyes, hair, skin tone -- except one. His comment was, "Stupid is forever." I think Krugman is remarkably askew, but I don't think he is dumb. And blinders can be adjusted.
So, how do we adjust them? Or, better yet, what are their components?
I'd like to think that ignorance is one, yet Krugman isn't ignorant either. Lack of education? Nope.
Could it be that my blinders need adjusting? No, I can't buy that either.
Could it be that people of intelligence and education simply can simply see the world in different ways? (Note the assumption that I'm intelligent and educated). More and more I'm coming to the conclusion that this is the case. People aren't stupid because they think differently from me.
Just crazy.

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Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Have you noticed that the conservatives are getting snippy? When GW was in office most of the liberals in my area hid out in corners. We whispered among ourselves and were afraid of being burned at the stake.

Now that liberals are in ascendancy the conservatives don't hide as we did. They just snip. I thought I could not be more uncomfortable at a party than I was during the GW years but I have gotten to the point I want to just stay in my cave.

The worst part about the snipping is it does not reveal any intelligence. I knew and frankly like William F. Buckley. He had brains and could hold his own in any debate. I did not agree with him often but I admired his reasoning, wrong though it might be.

But I frankly hate petty snipping. A good friend of mine used her position on a board recently to get a couple cutting (but illogical) comments in at inappropriate times and I just stared at her. I was frankly shocked she could be so rude.

The graceful think for the conservatives to do, in my opinion, is whisper among themselves in corners like we did for a decade. I do not tolerate fools gladly.

BTW, I am really enjoying your blogging. Glad you are back at it