Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guns and roses and so on

Sigh. There's a new movement about called "open carry," which means that a person who owns a firearm can carry it openly. I've made it clear in other posts that I am in favor of being allowed to carry a concealed weapon, if a person has taken a rigorous course in gun safety, knows the law, is able to actually shoot the damned thing (you'd be surprised how hard it is to hit anything with a handgun), and has the sense to realize that using a gun is a last last last resort sort of thing.
Hence my concern with open carry. If I am carrying a concealed weapon, I might just as well be nice Mr. Everyone. A responsible concealed carry person doesn't show the weapon, doesn't mention the weapon, backs away from confrontation, and uses it only in situations described and prescribed by law.
But an open carry weapon is a confrontation itself. It sorta says, "Here I am, a macho dude and the direct descendant of all those folks who fought duels and made the west safe for democracy and schoolmarms. Don't mess with me."
It makes persons around uncomfortable. When I see a cop carrying a firearm, I know that he or she (supposedly) has spent hundreds of hours on the firing range, and knows that drawing said firearm is a last resort. If I see Slim in cowboy boots, a tall hat, and a six shooter, I don't have that same assurance.
Guns scare me. They scare me especially on someone who uses the presence of a gun to establish masculinity or to intimidate people. Y'all know what Freudians think of firearms, and in this case, I'm inclined to believe them. Never thought I'd say that.


Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

A lot of what you say is true. We live in a world of idiots these days and I seriously doubt they can be taught to treat a firearm with respect. Too many Dirty Harry images in their brains.

But I live in the mountain west. Open carry is not new. It is even guaranteed by my state constitution and comes down from the territorial days. I wear my Walther PPK when I am out in the mountains walking my dogs. I carry it to protect us from animals. All of which are not four legged.

There have been a couple incidents where I frankly felt I was avoided because of the gun on my hip. And that is good. I didn't want problems.

On both your houses said...

Good point Jacqui. As the man said, "An armed society is a polite society." If a person knows you're armed, that person is less likely to start something. BTW, the PPK is James Bond's weapons choice, so cool, though the 9mm is a little light for me (macho talking here).

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

Yes, I knew that the PPK is Bond's gun. I have the PPKS - not quite spy material. It fits my hand quite nicely. At the time a friend was urging me to get a 9mm but I felt like I was trying to handle and cannon.

And with two clips I fell I can stop anything