Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sleaze will out

The local paper is full of the news. A bigshot in the state legislature has resigned. Seems that some years ago he talked a 15-year old into spending some time with him in a hot tub -- without clothes. He says there was no touching; she says there was.
Whom do we believe? He paid her $150 grand to keep her mouth shut; she talked anyway (This played out over about 15 years). He's upright and moral (except that he gets nekkid with 15-year-old girls); she has a history of drink, drugs, and strange behavior (even then).
I'm thinking that we ought to believe her. This for three reasons: first, she has no reason to lie, since just being in the tub with her is bad enough. Second, no sane man talks someone into getting into a hot tub naked with nothing more than companionship in mind. Third, who cares? Here's a guy who is not only highly churched, but an elected official. To do something as downright, upright, forthright, and birthright stupid as he did means that hanging is too good for him.
The girl, by the way, claims that finally coming clean (the $150K gone) has turned her life around. Given her history, or what I read of it, I have to be a little skeptical. It's not as if a grown man inveigled an innocent babe out of her clothes. I have a sneaking suspicion that she was willing.
The picture is, as most pictures of morality, sin, excess, and redemption are, murky tones of gray. No black and white here.
None of which is too important. The screamingly salient fact is that he was grown up; she wasn't. That makes all the difference. There's the black and white for you.


Bee's Blog said...

No matter how the girl behaved, fifteen is under age, jail bait and he like Roman Polanski, should have known better. If anyone believes there was no touching I would have to ask what planet they are living on. I wouldn't put my head on a block for either of them but I am more likely to believe her because I am a woman and I know for a fact that teenage girls don't have to lead unsavoury lives to be 'hit upon'.

The truth will always out eventually - she was probably promiscuous but that didn't give him the right to 'have a go' as it were.

resigned? He should be sent to trial.

On both your houses said...

Gotta agree with you on all points. He was an adult, he should be charged. Unless there's something that's not in the papers on this.