Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Searching for dirt on the AG

Backstory: The former Attorney General of the state of Utah and the former former Attorney General of the state of Utah are both under investigation by people, feds and staties, who think said Atty. Gens. committed various crimes and indiscretions when  they were in office.  Now, this investigations is some months old. Yet, today it was reported that search warrants have been issued for the homes of the two ex-AG's.
That's really stupid. I mean, can you imagine a conversation between the two, or better yet, some incriminating emails. One says, "They will probably search our houses in the near future. Let's leave some incriminating evidence lying about, marked bills, forged passports, something like that." The other says, "Great. I have some counterfeit money I could put in a safe."
Now, for all I know these two are really crooks and not merely sleezebags. But I also know that they are not stupid. They have had months to prepare their houses for the possibility of a search. I'd be willing to bet that there are more illegal things in my house than there are in theirs, and I don't know of anything illegal in my house.
The  former AG's are complaining that the searches were demeaning and intrusive, an assault on their privacy and in insult to their families. And they are right. It was harassment, pure and simple. The only object of the searches was to humiliate the F-AG's.
It will backfire, I surmise. The dingleberries who thought this one up have done nothing to advance any case against the F-AG's, and have probably generated some sympathy for aforesaid F-AG's. I know I feel more sympathetic toward them than I did yesterday.
It just goes to show that being righteous and being smart do not necessarily occur together in the same person.

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