Friday, February 22, 2008

The election process in all its glory

I can't help it. Come evening there I am glued to my TV set, switching from CNN to FOX, trying to make sense of it all. The New York Times zaps McCain on the basis of (choose one) innuendo, solid fact, farcical liberal prejudice, serious journalism. Pundits pund (if that isn't a verb for what they do, it should be. I like the way it sounds, sort of the way they sound). Most people opine that Obama is our next prexy (even the conservatives). One expert suggested that Hillary's only chance is to back off, give her delegates to Obama, become veep and wait four years, tapping her foot and waiting her turn. Doesn't sound to me like that can happen. It looks like we're into an eight-year cycle. Each party gets two terms, then out, like first downs in football. Then, the electorate, with the hope that springs eternal, turns out the dems and puts the reps in, hoping (heh, heh) that things will get better. So, Hillary would have to wait 16 years, which would put her up there with McCain, age wise. I don't think she's that patient. Plus, a lot can change in 16 years. A lot can change in two weeks.

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