Friday, February 22, 2008

Legislators and IQ

What do you do when someone is an idiot but eventually controls your paycheck? You waffle, that's what you do. One of our Utah state legislators recently attacked the theory of evolution, saying, "There are cats and there are dogs, but there are no cogs (or was it dats)" thereby proving that being elected does not mean that you can think your way out of a paper bag or that you have ever studied logic (or that it ever took). Or that you know anything about biology at all. Now the same guy is in hot water for a "racist" remark he made. I put the word in quotes, because I think that muchly the people who make the charges are the real racists ( I stole this idea from the latest issue of Discover magazine, wherein one columnist discusses the riot over something that a Nobel Laureate said. Read that before you jump all over me). Anyway, I'm waffling. However, my good friend Becky doesn't, so go to her blog site redstateblues and see what you think. The girl has a talent for invective.


bekkieann said...

Ouch! I've been taking some heat for it, too. Ah, that's the way it is out here in blogistan.

On both your houses said...

But Becky, that was meant as a compliment.

bekkieann said...

In that case,thank you. Though no doubt I could stand to tone it down a bit. I like this post of yours and would like to read the article.