Monday, February 25, 2008

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Every time I find a good rock to bash liberals with, I find that I can use it on conservatives as well. Imagine, if you will, two videos side by side with the sound turned off. It’s easy to recognize the groups by dress: Conservatives paunchy or hippy, polyester suits, floral prints, haircuts by Walmart. Liberals chic or earthy or bikey, with beards on the men, mostly. And what are they talking about? Other groups. And what is their conversation like? Opinionated, scathing, narrow-minded, snide, sometimes vicious. In Utah, where I live, liberals love to gather and bash Mormons. Conservatives love to gather and bash liberals. The subjects vary, but the tenor remains the same. I tend to favor Conservatives a little, because their smugness level isn’t quite as high. After all, conservatives feel free to tell everybody else what to do because they have it from God. Liberals feel free to tell everybody else what to do because of their superior moral stature, intellectual capacity, and education. So conservatives are one step removed from being all-knowing, while liberals are the very source.

One other problem I have, though, is the nagging feeling that liberals, obnoxious as they may be, have some very good ideas. This is hard to swallow. Don’t you hate it when people are insufferable and also right?


bekkieann said...

Yes. I hate that.

As a liberal may I point out one other difference? Conservatives tend to care more about money; the benefit to people comes in the trickle-down effect (if any). Liberals care more about people; money be damned. Well, that's a pretty broad generalization, and honestly once elected to office, it's hard to tell the difference anyway.

But my perpetual Pollyanna optimism makes me want to believe in the liberals more.

On both your houses said...

Actually, I don't think that liberals care about people. I think they care about humanity. As the philosopher Linus said, "I love humanityl it's people I can't stand."

bekkieann said...

Ok, point taken--no doubt it's true. Though this liberal does care about a lot of individual people.

Slightly off the topic, but it reminds me of that old joke attributed to hockey coach Don Cherry, when his wife said to him, "I think you love hockey more than you do me." To which he replied, but I love you more than baseball."